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    I am a learning professional committed to providing an enriching environment which guides the development of student autonomy. This is achieved through cooperative learning centers, rigorous and supplemented curricula and a structured classroom community. Students are encouraged and invited to take ownership of their socio-emotional, physical and academic growth. My position in the classroom is to provide the framework for innovation and investigation which meets the needs of the whole child.


    Cooperative Learning Centers

    Introduce structure of learning centers and center themes (literacy, math and science), deliberate practice through modeling and praise, establish norms, and evaluate on a 3-2-1 rubric focused on developing stamina.

    Morning Meetings

    Daily morning meetings set to review goals and objectives for the day, and emotional status of self-awareness. Students have the opportunity to share their feelings, ideas and thoughts in order to begin the day as a community.

    Encourage, Focus, Identify, Adjust and Deliver

    A teacher encourages students to be independent and take ownership in their learning. A teacher focuses on student centered learning and effective use of class time. A teacher identifies personal goals to consistently improve and remain current in teaching methods and strategies. A teacher adjusts instruction to meet the individual needs and goals of each student. A teacher delivers engaging instruction and activities which allow for student to grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

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    Relative Experience Includes:

    3rd Grade Teacher

    Northside Catholic Academy

    Northside Catholic Academy is a Blue Ribbon school focused on an enriched learning experience which fulfills students academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

    3rd Grade Teacher

    St. Robert Bellarmine School

    St. Robert Bellarmine School is a small private school in Chicago. With its outstanding enrollment and rigorous academics it is an established school with much to offer students.

    Personal Academic Tutor

    Inspire Educational Services

    Inspire Educational Services (IES) provides the opportunity for students to receive individualized and personal tutoring. Curriculum and activities are designed specifically with your student in mind. The purpose of IES is to meet the needs of your individual child by establishing and meeting goals, modeling strategies and techniques and providing feedback through formal and informal assessment.



    Therese McDermott

    School Speech Therapist

    "I simply must commend you on the manner in which you have embraced participation in [Student Name]'s therapy program. Your contribution is exceptional. I appreciate that you have discovered ways to embed practice in classroom activities, present clarity of speech production as important to the entire class, and as appropriate, individualize activities so as to afford additional opportunities for practice. This is really incredible, and certainly not typical in my experience. I love that you've invested such responsibility in this program, and am certain all of the children in your class receive the same dedicated attention and support. "


    3rd Grade Student (name will remain anonymous)

    "Miss Lawler, we love you and will miss you so much next year!"

    Jennifer Devens

    Parent of Student

    "We met Miss Lawler, and there is truly no one like her. Her warm smile and near-constant bubbly personality puts you at ease immediately, as was the case with an apprehensive little boy who has loved all of his teachers at NCA and was worried that his streak might come to an end. She has infinite patience and understands completely the fine-line that third graders are expected to walk: transitioning into third-grade rigor, the new grading system, higher expectations, maintaining composure and behavior standards all the while at the heart of it still very much being 8 and 9 year-old kids. She is truly exceptional. [Student Name] would never be making the progress that he is without Miss Lawler.

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    Encourage, Focus, Identify, Adjust and Deliver

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